Tadiyondimol peak

Trek Cost: 2850RS

Contact Details:
(91) 9380107551 / 8762938927

June- February

Tentative Itinerary:

- Day 0 - Board onto the transport vehicle at around 10:30 PM from Majestic, start the journey towards Tadiandamol from Bengaluru.

- Day 1 - Reach base camp at around 05:30 AM, freshen up, have hot breakfast, start trekking to the peak of Tadiandamol, reach the peak, feel the elevation appreciating the panoramic views, explore the surroundings, have packed lunch (hot box/lunch box mandatory to be bought by the participants), start descending, reach the base camp, freshen up, have tea & snacks while dinner is prepared,have a sumptuous dinner following which, relax by the bonfire.

- Day 2 : Wake up with chirping sounds of birds, freshen up, set off for a coffee plantation walk and later have breakfast. embark on your journey to visit Dubare Elephant Camp / Cauvery Nisaraga Dhama / Namdroling Monastery, head back to Bengaluru, reach Bengaluru Majestic at around 08:00 PM.

We kindly request to go through our T&C’s, cancellation policy and to adhere to the policy.

Policy Link Note: **Participation will be confirmed ONLY upon registering by making full payment of 2850RS
**Min 10 participants are required. If not, the event will get cancelled and the amount will be refunded.
Follow the Link to register after making the payment.

Fitness Preparation:

Here’s a guide to help you get fit for the trek in 4 weeks.
Cardiovascular endurance
In case you’re just starting with a fitness routine, start slow and increase your pace everyday in the following manner –
Target completing a brisk walk of 5 km in 45 minutes when you begin
Gradually increase your pace by walking 5 km, 4 times a week.
As you become more comfortable, introduce jogging in your routine.
Progressively increase the distance you jog in a workout until you can complete 5 km in 35 mins.
If you prefer cycling over running, target covering 15 km in 60 minutes when you begin.
Progressively increase your pace to cover 20 km in one hour.

Strength training:
This is an important area you need to work on.
Strength training is equally important to trek comfortably. Work on your glutes, calves and knees. Additionally, work on strengthening your core.
You must strengthen your core muscles. For strengthening your core muscles, holding a plank and it’s variations (elbow, side planks) are the best exercises to go about doing it.
Also try these exercises for strength-
Target 5 sets of squats with 20 in each set
– Squats (Mix it up with sumo squats)
– Lunges (Forward, backward and lateral lunges)
– 2 minute Plank

Flexibility determines the amount of movement your bones can make in any direction around joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.
It is an aspect that will help you trek comfortably. Carrying a backpack, however light, can become a strain. Stretching your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and lower back muscles regularly, promotes relaxation in the tissues reducing the strain on your back.
If you can’t go out and jog because of time and space constraints, here’s a video you can use to work out indoors.

Coorg, called as Scotland of India because the climate and places remind about Scotland.

Coorg is a beautiful holiday destination located in the lap of the jade mountain ranges and the gorgeous valleys. It is covered with stunning landscapes, huge coffee plantations and lush greenery. The misty forests play hide and seek with the sun rays which gives the most serene feeling to the travelers as well as the nature lovers.

Coorg secures the top rated position among Karnataka tourism for being the most traveled destination. Whether you want a short romantic getaway or want to seek adventure or just want to spend some solitary time amidst nature. It is never ending beauty and wonders

Tadiandamol being the highest peak of Kodagu district and the third highest peak in Karnataka, at an elevation of 1,748 m. offers a stunning view from the peak surrounded by the green shola forests and blue water bodies. The word Tadiandamol in Kannada actually means a BIG mountain, which is what it exactly is.

Join us for trekking to this gorgeous place ,forget all the worries in your daily lives and adding a new meaning to your weekend leisure!